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Shotfarm’s Product Content Network is the fastest growing and most widely adopted platform for the Management and Distribution of Product Information.

& Brands

Store, manage and share thousands of files of any type along with essential attributes with any number of internal and external partners at no charge. If the need arises, choose from additional features such as branded library with private login, additional storage, unlimited attribute fields and partner attribute mapping, and other advanced DAM/MDM features all at a level of affordability that only the purchasing power of a large group such as Shotfarm’s Product Content Network can bring.

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& Distributors

Shotfarm’s free Product Content Network puts a multi-million dollar Vendor Portal at your fingertips by centralizing the process of collecting approved, high-quality product and marketing content directly from any number of suppliers. For more advanced workflows, Shotfarm offers an impressive list of innovative and affordable PIM (Product Information Management) features that can completely automate the formatting, normalization, transformation, and delivery of product media and attributes.

Connect with more than 10,000 Manufacturers, Brands, Retailers and Distributors who use Shotfarm to solve one of the biggest workflow challenges facing ecommerce.

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As opposed to companies we have dealt with that are ‘all hat, no cattle,’ getting a feed working on Shotfarm in three minutes was pretty exciting. It couldn’t be any easier to use!

— Mike Massey, CEO Locally.com

I have been amazed time and time again with the customer service from Shotfarm. They call, they chat, they email, and do it quickly. Usually it’s a problem on my end, of course, but it seems like someone is able to help me in minutes.
Also, their system is so navigable that getting thousands of images up all with different information is a snap. I rarely ever NEED support, everything goes so well, but I’m glad it’s there if I need it.
Shotfarm sets the bar very high.

— Melissa Duffy, IT Manager, Prana (Columbia Sportswear)