Consumer Generated Images Must-Dos

Consumer Generated Images

If a picture is worth a thousand words, is a consumer’s picture worth a million words?

How your company leveraging consumer-generated images to benefit your brand?

Everyone seems to be a professional photographer with advances in smartphone cameras and apps like Instagram and Diptic. Not only can consumers take fantastic pictures of your products, but they can share them quickly and easily.

It’s no longer necessary to waste time uploading images to a desktop computer to edit them so they fit the platform requirements. Consumers can just tap a button on their mobile device to have a photo automatically posted on all their social media accounts.

Here are some important things to do when it comes to your consumer-generated images:

1. Collect

Keep a good file of all the images you have of your product. Just like collecting customer quotes or news mentions, it’s important to track images of your products.

2. Analyze

Understand what products they are taking pictures of, who’s taking the picture, what platforms they’re using, and what angle they’re using. You may learn something new that didn’t show up in past marketing data.

3. Give thanks

If a consumer takes a great photo of your product, thank them for their efforts. When you show your appreciation, they’ll most likely keep up the good work and continue to take and share photos of your products.

4. Tag

Make sure images are tagged correctly so they’re just not floating around the internet with no traces back to your company. Hashtags welcomed!

5. Share

Instead of preventing the use of consumer-generated images, guide consumers through your process. Image sharing is another form of word-of-mouth. Show your product from the customer’s perspective – and show your customers that you care about their perspective.

When you effectively manage and distribute consumer-generated images, you strengthen relationships with your customers. At Shotfarm, we go one step further by offering retailers the ability to download your images to their specific internal naming convention.