Shopping with Smartphones

Shopping with smartphones has become part of our normal routine, but how will it affect our society?

In the last decade, our smartphones have become part of us. Leaving the house without a cellphone is equivalent to leaving the house without underpants. With our smartphone addiction, we now have the expectation that any information we want or need should be at our fingertips.

Before I get into another “technology is taking over” blog post, here are some fun statistics that you’ll probably double check on your smartphone.

Shopping with Smartphones

The process of shopping with smartphones starts way back in the, let’s say, pre-shopping phase. Research is the first step of your shopping journey. Essentially, this is all the work that’s done before your shopping trip. According to Google’s Shopper Marketing Council, 90 percent of smartphone shoppers use their phones for pre-shopping research.

Some of these activities include:

  • Looking for directions
  • Checking hours of operations
  • Comparing prices
  • Looking for promotions
  • General browsing
  • Product stock/availability
  • Product reviews
  • Product information

Then comes the fun part: shopping. According to Google’s Shopper Marketing Council, 84 percent of smartphone shoppers use their phones while shopping at a store. At first, I thought this number was way too high, but then I started to think. I almost alwys check out items online when I’m shopping at a store. Whether it’s to see if there are better prices or alternative color options, I’m doing extra research on my phone.

Shown in the infographic above, one in three shoppers will use their smartphone to find product information instead of asking someone that works at the store. Let’s say I went to Best Buy to purchase a stereo. In the past, I would ask a floor salesperson for their opinion. I would also ask to see comparable models and find out the pros and cons of each stereo. Now I can go to the website, read reviews, view specific models, and even compare several models at once. Since shopping has moved towards “self service,” the need for a sales staff has decreased. What’s next? Robots running stores?

Whether you’re shopping just for fun or shopping for specific items, the shopping world has changed significantly and will continue to do so. Consumers are interested in convenience and saving money. Thanks to the smartphone, we’re able to decrease or completely eliminate spending time in a store. Now we’re able to do our research online and come to the store knowing exactly what item we’ll purchase. Or we can be the ultimate couch potato and do everything from research to purchase from the couch. Chips anyone?

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