Shotfarm Announces New Suite of Features

Continuing to Reinvent Product Data Management and Exchange

We’re extremely excited to introduce you to a new suite of features and upgrades that simplifies how product data is managed and exchanged on Shotfarm. New features have been designed to improve and accelerate individual workflows, overcome supply chain inefficiencies and errors, and speed time to market. This is our largest release since we launched our platform in 2010.

Here’s how it works (seamlessly):

Multiple teams within an organization can now drag and drop spreadsheets of product data into an updated data management interface, where spreadsheets can be combined to maintain a “Virtual Product Master.” At any point within a company’s workflow, additional assets can be dropped into the retooled asset management interface and instantly integrated with the Virtual Product Master data.

Lastly, product can now be exported, downloaded in the desired format, and shared in split seconds.

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“It’s shocking how much the data management needs of various industries have changed in just a few years,” said Shotfarm CEO Mike Lapchick. “Shotfarm 3 is not only a direct response to today’s needs, but one that will allow us to easily to evolve with the market.”

Shotfarm is a centralized, end-to-end product content network that provides ecommerce organizations with free, core features and a number of premium upgrades that enable efficient product data management and exchange. The platform serves all industries equally, including general retail, consumer packaged goods, healthcare, automotive, hardlines, consumer electronics, industrial, and maintenance, repair and operations (MRO).

Shotfarm seamlessly integrates with any system, including legacy and custom platforms, to provide a direct source of data that is accurate, complete and up to date.

“As opposed to some companies we have dealt with that are ‘all hat, no cattle,’ getting a feed working on Shotfarm in three minutes was pretty exciting,” said President Mike Massey. It couldnt be any easier to use.

Learn more about Shotfarm’s new product features and request a demo here. 

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