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online grocery shopping

Online Grocery Shopping: Is the US ready?

The world is becoming more digital by day. Online shopping continues to grow. More recently, that has included online  shopping. Online grocery shopping doesn’t replace traditional in-store shopping, but adds another convenient option for consumers to choose from. Online grocery shopping has taken…

Personalized Shopping

Why Shoppers Demand Personalized Shopping Experiences

Personalized shopping is no longer a consumer dream. It’s an expectation. Online and mobile shopping have expanded and enhanced the shopping experience. Each year, more people comfortable with online shopping. With more than 300,000 online sales in 2014 compared to 170,000 in…

Ecommerce Retailers

10 Tips Ecommerce Retailers Shouldn’t Ignore

So you have the best product in the world, right? Now what? Well for starters, placing that product in the store may not be enough to get you going. With so many consumers purchasing products online, it’s important to make sure…